Who's stuck home on quarantine because of the coronavirus? Who still has to work and be out and about? Some may  not think so but if you are told you should stay home, you should consider yourself lucky. I know there are mixed feelings about all that is going on, some think people are over-reacting and others are wearing masks and gloves when they do have to go out. Most places that are considered unnecessary are being shut down while others such as nurses, first responders, etc, still have to go out risking their health. 

If you yourself are not at risk that is great, however, when I take care of my health it is not just for me but for everyone I come into contact with and I think if everyone is doing their part to take care of themselves then in their own way they are taking care of others who are at risk. In addition to washing your hands and trying to reduce transfer of germs by sneezing into your elbow, you should also be trying to keep your immune system up. I take vitamins daily and use essential oils that will boost my immune system to help fight off not only the coronavirus but any illness (it is still cold/flu season, even though its not as talked about right now!) So I would like to highlight a few of my products that could help keep your immune system up and fighting off illness. I have three products that are perfect for this, two are safe for kids but can still be used for adults, especially if you have more sensitive skin.

Cold, Flu, etc...

This salve has 26 essential oils that are great for keeping you healthy. Because we are talking about the coronavirus, I would like to highlight the specific oils that will help protect you against it. The coronavirus effects your respiratory system causing you to cough. Rosemary is great for respiratory issues and has even been useful with fighting off bronchitis. Eucalyptus clears mucus from lungs. Peppermint kills viral infections, clears lung congestion (also Frankincense) and can help reduce a fever. Clove is great for colds and flu and can help reduce bronchial congestion. Hyssop relieves respiratory ailments. Tea tree fights infections. Spearmint relieves congestion. Helichrysum has expectorant properties, making you have more productive coughs. Juniper berry helps reduce coughing. On top of all these benefits, there are a ton of antiviral and antibacterial essential oils(lemon, eucalyptus, hyssop, tea tree, spearmint, helichrysum, cinnamon bark, laurel leaf, ravintsara, ravinsara, basil and carrot seed)

Little Warrior

This salve contains 19 essential oils that in some way boost your immune system to help your body fight off all kinds of sickness. Specific to your lungs, it contains, marjoram, frankincense, silver fir and cedarwood that helps clear mucus from your lungs. This salve also contains several oils that are antibacterial and antiviral, lemon, silver fir, pine, spearmint, pink pepper and blue tansy. If you suffer from a cough, petitgrain and silver fir can relieve that.

Sniffling & Sneezing

This salve is designed for allergies and colds but its 21 essential oils are also great to help keep you healthy during this time. Silver fir relieves coughing and can clear mucus from lungs. Frankincense, fir needle, cedarwood and marjoram can also clear mucus from your lungs. This salve also contains several antibacterial and antiviral essential oils such as, lemon, lime, spearmint, geranium, blue tansy, morrocan rose and pine.


If you're worried about getting sick or even being a carrier to your loved ones any one of these products would make a great addition to your daily self care routine. Just click the name of the salve you’d like to try and it will take you right to it! Hope everyone is safe and making the most of their time home! Here's to healthier days ahead! 

xo-Witchy Woman