Keep Your Pets Paws Moisturized

Keep Your Pets Paws Moisturized

Hey guys!!

If you haven't seen yet, I am now offering a salve for dogs. I am so excited about this product and I've done a lot of research to make sure this product is not only effective but also safe for your pup. This salve is hopefully one of many for dogs, I would like to have this product out for a while and see how well it does before I continue adding different dog products. 

Paw Salve is to help condition and moisturize your dogs paws. It is great for both summer and winter months to protect their paws from hot pavement to cold icy terrain. This is also great as a daily application to keep their paws from drying out and cracking.

If you'd like to read more about it, click here!


With the purchase of a Paw Salve I will be sending out a dog treat for your pup (or pups!), they are all organic and there is an option of a small or large treat, depending on the size of your dog. I am thinking of typing the ingredient list to send along in case your dog has allergies but here is the link to the companies website if you want to check them out yourself, I offer all the "bone" flavors on their website.