Spring Hand Sanitizer Scents

Spring Hand Sanitizer Scents

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well, I have not posted on here in awhile..

I am looking into adding some new hand sanitizer scents for spring and would love your feedback. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably already saw a post about this but for anyone who does not have social media or does not follow me, this is for you.

I like switching things up for the season and the idea of having some "spring" scented hand sanitizers sounds fun to me. So if you're like me and want your hands smelling nice while also killing germs, leave a comment with any of the scents you would like to see offered.

Chamomile Lavender
Lavender Magnolia
Lemongrass Ylang Ylang
Rose Bergamot
Vanilla Ylang Ylang


Stay safe and healthy out there!