The Owner

Hey, everyone! I’m Rebecca Taylor. I am the woman behind Witchy Woman Herbal Co. and the creator of all the products you see on my website. When I have an idea for a product, I see it through from start to finish. I research the best ingredients, formulate a recipe and then make the product. I love knowing that my products are made from the best ingredients and can help the people who use them heal.

When I first started this journey, I was a full-time hairdresser. I enjoyed helping people feel good about themselves but after eight years of working in a salon, I became more health conscious and worried about all the chemicals I was around on a daily basis. I started turning to more natural products for myself and even helped a few of my clients with their ailments, such as arthritis.  In 2017 I moved out of the area and was faced with the decision to find work in another salon and build up another clientele or pursue helping others with my natural products. It was difficult at first, but I have enjoyed this journey and all the things I have learned along the way.

I hope to keep developing products and expand my reach with my website so I can help people all over the world heal their bodies in the most natural way. If you enjoy using my products, please pass the word to your loved ones and if you’re looking for something specific, feel free to reach out and I can add it to my list of products I’d like to make.

                                                                                                Sending love & healing.